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How One Hot Startup is Revolutionizing
The Way Men Buy Clothes

By David Polinow: October 14th, 2016

A 24 year old entrepreneur is changing an entire industry - while trying to make stylish fashion accessible for every man.

Subscription box services have taken off like a rocket in recent years. You can now get everything from pet toys, to food, to underwear, and nearly anything else you could ever need, delivered right to your door without having to spend a second shopping on your own. However, fashion has traditionally been a tricky segment to tackle for subscription boxes – something so highly personal, with widely varied styles, sizes, and trends naturally makes the logistics a nightmare. But Texas-based startup, Urban Dapper Club, seems to have found the magic formula to make it work. After growing membership over 450% in the last year, by all measures they’re positioning themselves to be a game changer within the industry.

It’s no secret, the world of fashion revolves around women. It makes sense - statistically, women are the biggest consumers of clothing, accessories, and fashion media by a wide margin. But dressing fashionably is still equally as important for guys – in fact, it’s socially a necessity. Scientifically conducted studies have found that what you wear is a main determining factor in attracting a partner, gaining & keeping friendships, getting hired for a job, getting promoted, and creating general first impressions. Unfortunately, aside from a relatively small subset of male fashion aficionados, keeping up with the latest style trends, and spending the time & money to constantly update their wardrobe simply isn’t a priority for many American men. And even highly style conscious guys can’t always find the time to shop as often as they’d like. As a result, their wardrobe often remains stagnant for too long.

24 year old Urban Dapper Club founder, Salman Ausaf, has made it his mission to change all of that. He launched UDC in 2015 to alleviate many of the issues guys face with buying clothes. His goal was to save them time, save them money, and take all of the guess work out of staying stylish - so that any guy can frequently experience that confidence boost that comes with wearing a fresh outfit they know works.

Their brand slogan is “Your Style on Auto Pilot” - the premise is simple, like most subscription boxes, members subscribe to the service online, and each month a new box of items selected by the company is sent to their door. UDC members are given the option to pay month-to-month, or prepay for the entire year of boxes at a discounted rate – they’re also given the option to purchase a membership as a gift for friends and family.

Every box comes with 5-7 hand-selected fashion items and accessories, built around a pre-selected style theme. Items range from men’s fashion accessories like ties, tie bars, pocket squares, and socks, to grooming products, and anything else that fits the theme of the month. Since each month’s box is hand-curated by UDC style experts, members can be confident they’re going to receive items that will make them look good.

Urban Dapper Club's style experts hand select each item around a monthly style theme.

“Like it or not, keeping your wardrobe regularly updated is a necessary evil. Unfortunately I found shopping for new clothes is a stressful experience for a lot of guys. Most of them really do want to look good, but second-guess themselves when shopping on their own. Others know what they like, but just can’t find the time to shop as often as they’d like. I wanted to take the hassle and guess work out so men of any fashion-intelligence level can enjoy the confidence that comes with dressing their best all the time”

At just $28 per month, the value is hard to ignore. By cutting out the middle man store markups, and shipping direct to the consumer at wholesale rates – UDC is able to deliver higher-quality items for a fraction of the price.

According to the company, members join UDC for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them are style-conscious men who simply don’t have time to make it to the store every month. Many girlfriends & wives buy it for spouses they think could use a wardrobe upgrade. Others are guys who want to dress well, but just don’t have the style knowledge to put together a solid outfit out. Some don’t have any problem shopping – but just like the convenience UDC offers to expand their wardrobe with unique, custom items.

Salman says this is just the beginning for the company. They have plans in the works to expand their product offerings, and provide members with more options to personalize their individual boxes. “The growth has been unbelievable so far – our vision is to not only turn this into something that really revolutionizes the way men shop for clothes, but to also create a positive impact in the way guys feel about fashion & their wardrobes.”


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