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The 2017 Dapper Man's Guide To Choosing The Perfect Valentine's Day Outfit

By Ashley: February 8th, 2017

Just because you’re not the type of guy to over-stress about what to wear on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that you don’t want to look damn good. This year, skip the heart-covered boxers for something sleeker–but still festive.

We’ve highlighted some great looks that will get any guy what he wants out of Valentine’s Day, because after all, it only comes once a year.

Keep in mind that these looks are just a guide. We don’t expect you to be running around in the days leading up to V-Day searching for all these exact piece. But if you happen to have something that fits the bill, you’re going to look extra dapper.

The Classic Dapper

Headed somewhere swanky for V-Day? Don’t look like every other guy in there. Try rocking a blue or navy suit with a crisp Lawrence Hunt shirt and some light pink accessories–like our custom pocket square and gingham tie. To amp up the bespoke factor, add a pair of unique cufflinks, like these sailboat ones, and you’re all set. Not only will you stand out in the best way possible, you’ll likely be the best dressed bro in the room.

In case you weren’t aware, women love a man in a suit. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, as long as it’s a well-fitting. If you're rocking the discount hand-me-down, no worries - a good tailor can make a bargain suit look like a million bucks. The blue and pink combo show that you’re fashion forward, and that you know how to mix it up without looking like a doofus. The pocket square and the cufflinks show that you pay attention to details, and that you didn’t just throw on your work attire and call it a night.

Mr. Steal Your Girl

You don’t need a V-Day date to rock a dope outfit. You also don’t need to take your girl to a fancy-shmancy restaurant to celebrate properly. Go casual, but luxe in a leather jacket, black jeans, and a t-shirt. Black on black is always a solid look, but a white tee can definitely work too. If you’re feeling like you want to add something more wild, throw on a vintage-style band tee to amp up the edge. Don’t worry, you can still get into the V-Day spirit without ruining your cool guy persona–just peep these hot pink socks from Dead Soxy.

Its not breaking news that nearly every woman has a hidden thing for the bad boy. If you're going out solo, a band tee will give that random girl at the V-Day singles party something to talk to you about. The socks show that although you’ve got a rough exterior, inside you’re a softie. And a leather jacket immediately gives you 10 cool points.

The Urban High Roller

Like an aged bottle of scotch, your style is classic. But keeping it neutral doesn’t mean that your outfit can’t turn heads. Top a fool-proof black on black outfit with a camel or khaki overcoat, and add a dose of swag with a vintage-style hat. Don’t forget a timeless wallet, like this Kiko one. Not only will it complete the look, but your date will probably be pissed if you forget it.

Women love this look because although it’s classic, it’s mysterious. The coat is very of-the-moment, but also has that old school Sherlock Holmes look. The hat adds a major dose of dapper, but always be sure you’re rocking it with a classic and refined style like this one. If you throw it on while you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans, you’ll look like a douche. No guy is complete without a good wallet, and pulling out a frayed mess at the end of dinner will make it look like you don’t have your life together, even if you do.

The Wild Card

Forget the labor day rule and ball out in some winter whites. Keep it simple with a white blazer, black shirt, and blue jeans; then get into the V-day spirit with your accessories. Pop in a pink silk pocket square and add a statement watch that’ll match the champagne you’ll be drinking. Your date won’t know what hit her.

Women love this look because it’s dressed up and dressed down at the same time. Whatever she decides to wear, you won’t make her feel over or underdressed. The dose of pink is just right, showing her that you’re secure with your manhood, but also aren’t trying to emulate the Pink Panther. A watch will show that you’re a man who knows how to be on time. If you can’t afford a fancy one, don’t give up. There are plenty of brands out there that make a fancy-looking watch for the low. Check out MVMT to start.

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